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  • 03/22/16

    As home values continue to rise, homeowners are beginning to look at their recently purchased homes as a true investment opportunity. Read More »

  • 03/17/16

    Growth within any organization can be a benefit and a curse. As a company grows, it faces the challenge of on-boarding new employees while rising to the increased demands of a growing customer base. In any complex company, it is difficult to replicate the knowledge of your existing subject matter experts. Accenture Mortgage Cadence was founded on the principles of the manufacturing industry’s processes. Read More »

  • 03/14/16

    By: John Detwiler for Tomorrow's Mortgage Executive Building long-term relationships can seem complex. There is seemingly endless, ofte Read More »

  • 01/06/16

    The year was 1985. As the DeLorean flew its way into the year 2015, we got a “sneak peek” at what was to come 30 years into the future. With technology gaining momentum unlike anything previously seen with the rollout of personal computers, the internet and cell phones, the future was open to wild interpretation. In the film “Back to the Future”, they ran with this idea, and what we got was extraordinary. Flying cars, hover boards, and self-lacing shoes were all prominently featured in the film. While these concepts may not have come to fruition, many others did. Read More »

  • 12/22/15

    Technology is changing faster than ever before. While it took 38 years for radio technology to reach nationwide adoption, it took Facebook just a year and half. Change is difficult, and this ever-increasing acceleration can be challenging to navigate. Read More »

  • 11/20/15

    My wife and I recently closed on our eighth (and hopefully last) home purchase. This purchase, combined with the places we’ve rented, brings our total address count to about fourteen in just thirty years. That’s more than enough for a lifetime! Read More »

  • 10/19/15

    TRID has been all consuming for the past two years now. Top executives gathered at the Fifth Annual ENGAGE Event to discuss what happens now. What will the mortgage industry be like now that TRID is a reality? Read More »

  • 09/23/15

    There was good news a few weeks ago for mortgage lenders. In late August 2015, the Mortgage Bankers Association reported that the all-in cost-to-close for mortgage loans decreased from $7,195 to $6,984, a total savings of $211. Two hundred bucks might not seem like a big deal, but it is, for several reasons. Read More »

  • 09/21/15

    We still have more time to deal with TRID before the industry will need to refocus its attentions on what’s next, but HMDA and Fair Lending are the candidates most likely to be affected by reform. Read More »

  • 09/12/15

    Every organization strives to serve its customers at a world-class level; however, taking customer service past the concept of a “help desk” is often an afterthought. Most companies view support as something similar to the 1990s Maytag commercials, where the lonely repairman is waiting for someone to call so he can spring to action. As a result, support is often seen as a cost — a necessary but basic function that does no more than resolve individual customer issues using entry-level employees. Read More »