High performance lending begins...

When you consistently measure and monitor the simple metrics that pull the profit lever.

When your team members are focused on being great brand ambassadors.

When your team works collaboratively to manage efficiencies between people, process and technology.

When your process aligns with your strategic goals to gain market share.

When you trust the technology to do the job it was designed to do so that you can focus on the things we humans are great at, like creating connections.

This is what we help you do.

Through six years of benchmarking and optimization reports, we have learned that success in the lending industry relies on investments in three key areas:

Your most valuable asset are your people and high performance lenders hire people who adapt to how they  work in a changing market, are nimble in their thinking, understand how the technology helps them work smarter and share values around being great with customers.

There is a new way of organizing your work that will lead you to extraordinary improvements in your speed to close. We have the tools and a clear process that helps your team break free from the human tendencies that get in the way of innovation.

Hands down, the best loan origination software should provide you with one system of record with all data fully integrated into the platform, from origination to post-close. Anything less will create a maintenance nightmare.


The five metrics that help our clients become powerful lending teams.

Our six-year benchmarking study highlights the work Mortgage Cadence has done to guide our clients into rethinking the way they lend. We study our high performers and share their best practices with our clients so that they too can move into higher profitability.    Regardless of size or type, these KPIs provide a baseline for productive conversations about product mix, marketing strategies and operational fine-tuning. We’ve studied not just the results, but the strategies that drive those results.

Here is the great news, these teams are just like yours and everything they are doing is duplicable


Arguably the most important of the 5 KPIs, Productivity measures how effective a loan team is. More specifically, it measures the number of closed loans per employee per month. This tracks efficiencies between people, process and technology.

Why it matters

Because 55% of the Cost-to-Close is labor, striving for the highest number of closed loans per employee per month delivers the lowest possible Cost-to-Close. Doubling productivity predictably halves a lender’s Cost-to-Close. (This is VERY good for your bottom line profits).


Velocity measures how fast a team is closing a loan from the time a loan passes through an automated underwriting system until the day it closes. This metric is key for identifying gaps and bottlenecks in your workflows.

Why it matters

According to JD Power & Associates, there is a direct correlation between speed to close and borrower satisfaction. Simple economics here: the faster you close a loan, the more money you make. Despite external factors beyond your control that may delay a close, many lenders are duplicating manual processes where technology should be doing the work.

Pull Through

Measures how many loan applications that were submitted actually closed. Our 2018 Borrower Survey tells us that 50% of borrowers applied to more than one lender. Our high performing lenders close between 68% and 94% of applications using a couple tactics and tools that keep borrowers from considering other lenders.

Why it matters

If you're looking to better understand lost opportunity costs, your Pull Through Rate is the one metric to watch every month. A low Pull-Through suggests that there is an opportunity to improve borrower nurturing.

Borrower Share

Your Borrower Share measures how many of your total customers are actually borrowing from you. The low hanging fruit to increasing your profitability is to sell to your existing customers who are in other products. Collaboration with your marketing team is essential for increased Borrower Share.

Why it matters

This is a powerful indicator of how well you have built brand equity with your existing customers. As we move out of a refi market and into a purchase market, a revitalized strategy for upselling and cross selling to customers who already know, like and trust is the fastest way to profits.


Your Cost-to-Close is a calculation that assesses all of the operational costs that go into closing a loan. When your team, their process and the technology are working together, your costs predictably go down because your team can handle more volume.

Why it matters

This is the big daddy KPI as it helps the lender track profitability and enables you to make important decisions around how your people work, the process or workflows that they are using and future investments in technology.


Our Customers Get Results

75% of Mortgage Cadence clients outperform the MBA Productivity average of 1.9 loans per team, per month. 


The only loan origination solution that drives profitability.

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“One of the exciting things about Mortgage Cadence is that they are comprehensive. You’ve got all your integrations and partners right there together. They make it totally seamless!”
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