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Efficiently purchase loans with our easy-to-learn, easier-to-use LOS

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The new Mortgage Cadence Platform is designed to deliver your third-party originators an exceptional seller experience. We’ve built overlays into our loan origination system for loan activity to be able to deviate in workflow and allow individual users to support multiple channels, so there’s no longer a need for independent channels to support correspondent sellers.

MCP is fully hosted by Azure Cloud Services and there is no need to install the software, eliminating any waiting to originate loans. Plus our training process is simplified with a streamlined application so new correspondent lenders can begin writing loans right away.

Highlights of the Mortgage Cadence Platform for Correspondent lenders:

Platform features

Tailored capabilities:

Keep your highest-priority loans in order with our sophisticated dashboard views and sortable pipeline management.

Enjoy unlimited child sites to host multiple lenders within our Borrower Center.

Correspondent platform features
Specific solves

Built for your needs:

Create automatic tasking as certain loan milestones are met using ACE, our proprietary rules engine.

Engage automated hard stops to keep a loan from advancing before key information is captured or resolved using ACE.

Use our loan dashboard within the Borrower Center to automate underwriting and custom conditions from your system, and present them to the borrower in user-friendly language.

Correspondent specific solves
Improved experiences

Outcomes you can expect:

Purchase loans faster with our intuitive, easy-to-learn and easier-to-use loan origination system.

Improve communication between end-users, processing and support staff with our always-present comment feature that keeps information from being missed.

Compliance support for disclosures in all 50 states.

Correspondent improved experience