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Distributed Retail

Experience greater efficiency through workflow automation

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With the ability to lend on multiple loan options, the Mortgage Cadence Platform solves the needs of a retail channel that originates a variety of products, from first and second mortgages to construction loans and HELOCs. MCP can be used by loan officers and personal bankers alike as a custom solution for handling these different types of loans. 

With the growth of digital mortgage and independent mortgage bankers over the past few years, we know that retail lenders must keep up with cutting-edge technology to retain talent. MCP and the MCP Borrower Center provide cutting-edge technology for retail lenders to build deep connections with borrowers.

Highlights of the Mortgage Cadence Platform for Distributed Retail lenders:

Platform features

Tailored capabilities:

Easily customize our Borrower Center POS with CSS style sheets to meet your specific brand standards, colors, content, logos, social media links, and more.

Customize and configure our Borrower Center to make your lending journey stand out from the competition.

Configure your dashboard and pipeline views to reflect your priorities, placing the information that you need most front and center when you log in.

Distributed Retail platform features
Specific solves

Built for your needs:

Engage the MCP task list functionality that provides visibility for work outstanding at the individual or department level.

Allow multiple users in one loan file so you and your staff can work simultaneously on loan files.

Create automatic tasking as certain loan milestones are met using ACE, our proprietary rules engine.

Engage automated hard stops to keep a loan from advancing before key information is captured or resolved using ACE.

Use our suggested workflow and toolset for modification where required to fit your unique business needs.

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Improved experiences

Outcomes you can expect:

Improve communication between departments using MCP’s always-present comment feature, ensuring information isn’t missed.

Experience greater efficiency through workflow automation and tasking that creates priorities for your staff and can be easily accessed from a central hub.

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