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Create a unique lending experience with less need for customization

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It’s our goal to make the lending process run smoother and easier, which is why we provide all the tools your brokers need to efficiently originate and submit loans, manage their pipeline, and communicate effectively with lenders in one place. The new Mortgage Cadence Platform increases your velocity and improves quality, while delivering a streamlined, modern user experience.

We’ve built overlays into our loan origination system for loan activity to be able to deviate in workflow and allow individual users to support multiple channels, so there’s no longer a need for independent channels to support wholesale lenders. 

Highlights of the Mortgage Cadence Platform for Wholesale lenders:

Platform features

Tailored capabilities:

Accommodate any necessary touches required within channels or across channels using our configuration tool.

Gain a competitive advantage among competitors with our rep and warranted documents, and built-in product and pricing engine that gives up-to-date pricing.

Wholesale platform features
Specific solves

Built for your needs:

Build relationships with mortgage brokers and mortgage banks with our configurable platform that’s designed to create unique experiences.

Easily define user security functions, roles, and permissions as needed.

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Improved experiences

Outcomes you can expect:

Enjoy the flexibility built into MCP that allows you to build a custom solution for your brokers that covers their needs.

Be nimble and react to ever-changing programs and regulations with our open architecture and configuration tools.

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