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As an innate feature of Mortgage Cadence’s LOS, Borrower Center creates a fully integrated digital experience for borrowers

Featured in HousingWire's Mortgage Tech Product Showcase

Recognizing that high-performance lending depends on the interplay of people, process, and technology, Mortgage Cadence solves for inefficiencies in the origination process. They knew the creation of an experience that made it easier for borrowers to shop, compare, and apply for a mortgage, while simultaneously creating a lending experience that increased efficiencies through automated workflows, would provide the industry with the most innovative lending solution on the market.

As part of their comprehensive approach to revolutionizing the mortgage process, Mortgage Cadence developed Borrower Center, an intuitive online origination platform, to meet these needs.

Rather than a standalone portal, Borrower Center is a native element of Mortgage Cadence’s Loan Origination Systems, Enterprise Lending Center and Loan Fulfillment Center. As an innate feature of the LOS, Borrower Center creates a fully integrated and comprehensive digital experience that automates vendor services, runs AUS, initiates loan estimates, and generates pre-approvals.

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By: HousingWire

This is HousingWire’s first year to honor some of the most valuable players with an industry award: the Insiders. Each HousingWire award program celebrates a different segment of the mortgage finance industry, and our editorial team created the Insiders to recognize the many unsung heroes who are the cornerstone of every great company, whether in lending, servicing, investing or real estate.

Congratulations to Mortgage Cadence's three Insiders: Todd Parsons, Joyce Ciaramitaro, and Tom Paulett!

By: HousingWire, "2016 Rising Stars - 50 Young Leaders Energizing the Housing Economy"

Jake Petersen began his career with Mortgage Cadence nearly six years ago as the director of business operations. Since then, he has steadily grown into his current role as chief service officer and his clear leadership abilities have allowed him to successfully partner with Mortgage Cadence customers and employees for their short- and long-term success. Petersen led the charge to reduce the average day’s tickets in queue with product support by 93%, due in part to his decision to roll out a new ticketing system spanning all Mortgage Cadence customers and products. All of these accomplishments were completed at a time when staff was increasing by 100% due to massive internal growth.