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September 9, 2016

Insiders 2016 - Celebrating MVPs with Industry Award

"They are people who get things done, who are known throughout the company as the “go-to” person in their department or division. They provide expertise in operations, compliance and client services, but also have a reputation for going above and beyond their assigned roles to help out their colleagues, their companies and their clients."

By: HousingWire

This is HousingWire’s first year to honor some of the most valuable players with an industry award: the Insiders. Each HousingWire award program celebrates a different segment of the mortgage finance industry, and our editorial team created the Insiders to recognize the many unsung heroes who are the cornerstone of every great company, whether in lending, servicing, investing or real estate.

Congratulations to Mortgage Cadence's three Insiders: Todd Parsons, Joyce Ciaramitaro, and Tom Paulett!