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The Cvent Plannie Awards celebrate customers who have transformed their meetings and events in new and inspiring ways, delivering unforgettable experiences for their attendees. Plannie Award Winners set the trends, pursue innovation, and transform their organizations into leaders within the meetings and events industry.

With over 100 Plannie Award submissions, Mortgage Cadence was selected as a finalist in The Marketing Mastermind category for their multi-channel event marketing of their annual user conference, Ascent.

By: HousingWire

Sarah Volling began her career at Mortgage Cadence in 2007 as a marketing specialist, generating three times the amount of leads as any other specialist during a tumultuous time for the mortgage industry.

Over the next four and a half years, Volling consistently demonstrated commitment to the company’s success by developing original marketing content, solidifying brand development, and creating strategies that brought the company’s vision and direction to life.

In May 2015, Volling became the marketing lead for Mortgage Cadence. In 2016, Mortgage Cadence was spun off from Accenture to become Mortgage Cadence, an Accenture company. During this process, Volling spearheaded a full rebrand of Mortgage Cadence, uniting the company around a unified brand and positioning Mortgage Cadence’s return to the industry as a go-to-market leader.

By: HousingWire, "2017 TECH100 Winners - Mortgage Cadence Loan Origination Technology"

Mortgage Cadence is a mortgage technology solution designed for point-of-sale through post-closing.

Mortgage Cadence’s full array of enterprise-grade loan origination technology allows lenders to manage compliance and to close more loans efficiently.

Solutions offered by the company include the Loan Fulfillment Center, which targets out-of-the-box retail mortgage lending; the Enterprise Lending Center, which is built on ACE, Mortgage Cadence’s proprietary, mortgage-specific rules engine, and Borrower Center, an intuitive online origination tool that gives prospective homebuyers a step-by-step walk through of the mortgage application process.

NEW YORK; Jan. 12, 2017 – A new report ranks Accenture (NYSE: ACN) among the world’s leading providers of product engineering services based on its knowledge in product management and strategy, software and platforms, and end-to-end delivery capabilities.

The 2016 Zinnov Zones Product Engineering Services report based this ranking on analysis of capabilities in the enterprise software market, and included an in-depth review of factors such as talent, business models, non-linear strategy, innovation, infrastructure, ecosystem connections, client relationships and product development expertise.


Mortgage Cadence recognized in the 2016 Silver Midas Awards in the Financial Software/Technology Category and a Midas Certificate in the Branding Category!

The Midas Awards competition is the only awards show to recognize excellence in financial marketing and advertising on a global scale, honoring the World's Best Financial Advertising from all over the world. The competition extends over regional, national and continental boundaries to provide a true worldview of advertising and corporate communications in the international financial community.

Founded in 2001, the Midas Awards panel of judges includes client and agency leaders from the creative and marketing disciplines, as well as internationally recognized experts in financial policy and communications. These judges offer their perspectives not only on how well a message is delivered, but how it is received. Gold and Silver Midas ingots are presented to the highest-scoring entries.

By: HousingWire, "2016 Vanguard Award Winners - 40 Industry Leading Executives"

Damir Matic’s extensive experience has shaped the engineering and architecture teams at Mortgage Cadence. His intimate understanding of the role that product architecture plays in the overall success of the business ultimately enables the company’s clients to pursue new opportunities and achieve unique profit gains.

Just one of Matic’s accomplishments this past year helped industrialize Mortgage Cadence’s product release process, ultimately benefiting ongoing software quality. This accomplishment, also known as agile train, decouples release methodology from development methodology, so that features are developed in separate branches and not slotted for release until they have been completed.

Mortgage Cadence recognized with a 2016 MarCom Gold Award in the Branding Refresh category!

MarCom Awards is a creative competition for any individual or company involved in the concept, writing and design of print, visual, audio and web materials and programs. Entries come from corporate marketing and communication departments, advertising agencies, PR firms, design shops, production companies and freelancers.

The MarCom statuette graces the trophy cases of some of the top business and communication firms in the world. The MarCom competition has grown to perhaps the largest of its kind in the world with about 6,000 entries per year. A look at the winners shows a range in size from individuals to media conglomerates and Fortune 50 companies. The competition is so well thought of in the industry that national public relations organizations, local ad clubs, and local business communicator chapters are entrants.

By: HousingWire

This is HousingWire’s first year to honor some of the most valuable players with an industry award: the Insiders. Each HousingWire award program celebrates a different segment of the mortgage finance industry, and our editorial team created the Insiders to recognize the many unsung heroes who are the cornerstone of every great company, whether in lending, servicing, investing or real estate.

Congratulations to Mortgage Cadence's three Insiders: Todd Parsons, Joyce Ciaramitaro, and Tom Paulett!

By: HousingWire, "2016 Rising Stars - 50 Young Leaders Energizing the Housing Economy"

Jake Petersen began his career with Mortgage Cadence nearly six years ago as the director of business operations. Since then, he has steadily grown into his current role as chief service officer and his clear leadership abilities have allowed him to successfully partner with Mortgage Cadence customers and employees for their short- and long-term success. Petersen led the charge to reduce the average day’s tickets in queue with product support by 93%, due in part to his decision to roll out a new ticketing system spanning all Mortgage Cadence customers and products. All of these accomplishments were completed at a time when staff was increasing by 100% due to massive internal growth.

By: Tomorrow's Mortgage Executive, "Talking True Innovation The 2016 Award Winners"

Over 100 mortgage executives came together to attend PROGRESS in Lending Association’s Sixth Annual Innovations Awards Event. We named the top innovations of the past twelve months. After that event, we wondered what would happen if we brought together executives from the winning companies to talk about mortgage technology innovation. Where do they see the state of innovation? And what innovation is it going to take to get our industry really going strong? To get these and other questions answered, we got the winning group together. In the end, here’s what they said:

By: The PROGRESS in Lending Association, "The 2016 Innovations Awards Winners Are..."

PROGRESS in Lending Association has named Mortgage Cadence a top innovation. The Mortgage Cadence Configuration Migration Utility (CMU) is an advanced configuration promotion tool only available through the Enterprise Lending Center. This new, patent-pending utility enables the easy migration of ACE Actions, business rules, and formulas from one environment to the next – whether development, staging, or production. The utility also dynamically discovers differences between environments, then surgically migrates the specific configuration changes to the desired environment. With the need to fluidly adapt to constant regulatory and investor requirements, the CMU allows lenders to effectively manage complex configurations efficiently and reliably.