How one lender outperforms their competition in a hot market.

In a perpetually high priced, low inventory market, competition is fierce for this Southern California lender. Knowing that most borrowers turn to their real estate agents for a lender recommendation, they knew this was the angle to gain market share — position the agents as the hero that gets the borrower in their home faster.

If you want to gain your competitive edge through customer service, you must outperform your competition in the following areas:

  1. Make sure your product is tailored to the individual needs of your customers.
  2. Make sure your customer service is tailored to individual needs.


One of our high-performance lenders dominates market share by guaranteeing a 12-day close. They achieve this with a powerful combination of a collaborative lending team with the optimization of the MC platform that includes a borrower portal for fast application taking, efficient doc prep is optimized for an efficient process. borrower center, loan fulfillment center, doc center, services center: comprehensive platform holds it all together and enables speed, agility