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cyclical market favors the prepared lender
High Performance Lending

Our Cyclical Market Favors Prepared Lenders

“While it can be tempting to take all the credit for the success we’re enjoying today, there are underlying reasons for what we’re seeing. Understanding these drivers will allow us to be better prepared for what is coming next.”

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service provider considerations covius
Accelerated Closing

Mortgage Service Provider Considerations ft. Covius

3rd party services and who to partner with for those services are critical decisions for every Lender. Join our host Ashley Gravano, VP of Product Services, for our first episode of Coffee with Cadence here to get a unique perspective on vendor evaluation from Covius’ EVP of Settlement Services, Joe Chappell.

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High Performance Lending

Consumer Direct Ramps Up in the Mortgage World

“Today, only a fraction of industry business is coming through [consumer direct], but… lenders that want to be prepared for the future will invest in technology that will… allow them to… go consumer direct when they ultimately need to.”

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