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housing affordability

Affordability Concerns on the Horizon

Affordability is about consumer buying power (wages) and housing prices. They are both rising but are not in step. Fortunately, a bigger trend, housing inventory, is dampening the negative impact of high prices.

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optimize the valuation process in 2021 coffee with cadence corelogic
Accelerated Closing

Optimize the Valuation Process in 2021 ft. CoreLogic

Appraisers play a critical role in lender’s main concerns: collateral, capacity and credit. Check out our next episode of Coffee with Cadence here to learn how lenders can optimize their valuation process in 2021 with CoreLogic’s Chief Appraiser, Shawn Telford.

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FHA Loan Limit

FHA Loan Limit Increases and Lender Risk

“If FHA delinquencies continue to increase, you can count on the agency to engage forensic quality control experts to conduct reviews. An effective process for FHA loan originations and the technology to back that process up will be imperative to protect lenders in the future.”

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buyback risk in 2021

How to Minimize Buyback Risk in 2021

“Given the variables driving today’s environment, high-quality loans and surpassed capacity-limits, may continue, lenders can minimize their risk of buybacks by keeping their regtech in top shape.”

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mortgage lender success in 2021
High Performance Lending

Mortgage Lender Success in 2021

“The mortgage lender’s technology stack is critical to the lender’s ability to reduce overall operating costs. Even more important than the capabilities themselves is the team of technology experts standing behind them to support the lender.”

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