Behind Mortgage Cadence


Trevor Gauthier

President & COO
Since 2014 Trevor has been leading the development and execution of the company’s strategies, while ensuring alignment between the long-term vision and dedication to providing superior technology solutions.
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Jeff Fonda

EVP Finance
As EVP of Finance for Mortgage Cadence, Jeff manages the business unit’s finance function, which includes overseeing the day-to-day processes of providing financial leadership in executing the company’s overall strategy.
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Dan Green

EVP Marketing
With more than 35 years in the financial services and technology sectors, Dan’s expertise spans from marketing to operations. His 6 year customer benchmarking has set the industry standard for high performance lending.
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Matt Hydrew

EVP Sales
Matt has been in the lending technology space for over 12 years and his industry insights help him lead our sales team in full pursuit of lenders of all sizes and strategies, and assists our Client Relations team to close complex client renewals.
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Katharine Loveland

EVP Delivery
Katharine is the ultimate plate spinner as she successfully leads multiple teams that take our clients from delivery to training and from professional services through to client renewals.
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Damir Matic

EVP of Technology Architecture & Engineering
Damir leads a uniquely talented group of individuals who are exceptional at taking market vision and turning it into world class lending technology.
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Keith Moore

EVP Information Systems & Compliance
Keith is responsible for oversight of mission critical infrastructure in the delivery of multiple SaaS products, cybersecurity, senior level support teams, production operations, database management and corporate infrastructure.
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Markus D. Olesen

EVP Operations
Markus oversees the planning, direction & coordination of all company-wide operations, our Program Management Team that spearheads our internal improvement programs, and ensures the daily operations of personnel, processes and facilities are a well-oiled machine.
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Jacob E. Petersen

EVP Customer Solutions
Jake leads our client support experts to create exceptional experiences for our clients so that their lending teams run smoothly. He is responsible for prioritizing resources to ensure unparalleled client service and consistency with strategies and customer commitments.
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Amanda Phillips, Esq.

EVP of Legal and Regulatory Compliance
As an award winning leader of regulatory compliance, Mandy works closely with our Product and Development teams to help interpret compliance requirements and assist in developing risk mitigation strategies and implementing the requisite controls.
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Brad Thompson

EVP Client Services
With nearly 20 years in mortgage lending technology, the last several years with Accenture's Financial Services Team, Brad returns to Mortgage Cadence to oversee the management and growth of Mortgage Cadence's top key accounts.
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Paul Wetzel

EVP Product Management
Paul leads the Product team to manage both customer and industry requirements to drive product enhancements that ensure Mortgage Cadence paves the way in innovative loan origination technology.
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