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July 21, 2023

The Technology That Puts Lenders in Control

Lenders need two things to take control of their business. Creating the workflows they want, and the ability to customize their experience.

It’s hard to believe that there are lenders still originating loans on technology that locks them into a particular user interface and workflow. The new architectures the field experts are using today to build loan origination software is so powerful that lenders are now free to design exactly what they want for any type of workflow and business channel.

Or at least they should be.

Being locked into a tool that can’t meet your needs puts your company at risk. If this happens to occur in a down market, you may have a crisis on your hands.

Lenders need two things to take full control of their business. First, the ability to create the workflows they want and, second, the ability to customize the screens their internal people use to streamline those workflows.

It is not standard practice for the technology available today to include both components, and they are certainly not available in the most popular software that is in use today.

But they are both built into the new Mortgage Cadence MCP LOS.

The power to control your own workflow

When it comes to creating a new process for origination, lenders have traditionally been at the mercy of their technology partners. It’s a long, hard, expensive road to make changes to the wrong LOS.

We saw this was a problem early on at Mortgage Cadence, which is why we built a rules engine that would change all of that for lenders. ACE, which stands for Adaptive Configuration Efficiency, is our proprietary workflow and automation engine that puts intelligent automation into the lender’s hands.

ACE enables the lender to create Workflow Collections, and then enables real-time multi-user access on every loan. It facilitates dual AUS submission and fully automated compliance. It’s a differentiator.

Early versions required an experienced business analyst to set up the rules, but todays’ modern MCP version allows anyone with access to create new workflows quickly and easily using built in formula builders.

The power to control your users’ experience

When we first rolled out our UI Designer tool, few could believe it could really do what we told them it could…until they tried it.

UI Designer gives lenders almost complete control over user creation and user management as well as screen data management. This means they can present any data within the database of record to any user they want in any way they want.

And you don’t have to be a mortgage technologist to use UI Designer. It’s a tool that lets any lender get behind their own innovative ideas, changes that they may have backed away from in the past because it would simply be too expensive to ask their technology partner to make.

Now, if the lender needs to make a change in their process, for any reason, they have the power to just make it happen. It is a powerful tool that we encourage users to take full advantage of.  

These are the tools required to really create unique user experiences, for both the lender’s internal staff and the borrowers they serve.

Lenders see the need for this kind of control in their businesses and they are asking for it. We can deliver it. Call us today to find out how.

By Joe Camerieri, EVP, Sales & Strategy at Mortgage Cadence 

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