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February 18, 2021

Optimize the Valuation Process in 2021 ft. CoreLogic

Appraisers play a critical role in lender's main concerns: collateral, capacity and credit. Check out our next episode of Coffee with Cadence here to learn how lenders can optimize their valuation process in 2021 with CoreLogic's Chief Appraiser, Shawn Telford.

How can lenders optimize the valuation process in 2021? How can they reduce friction in their process when working with appraisers?

On this episode of Coffee with Cadence, we learn how lenders can optimize the valuation process in 2021. Grab your coffee and tune in to the conversation between our VP of Product Solutions, Ashely Gravano, and CoreLogic’s Chief Appraiser, Shawn Telford, to discover actionable insights lenders can leverage in today’s unique high-volume market.

Gravano and Telford address the following questions:

  1. (0:36) What should lenders be thinking about when it comes to valuation in 2021?
  2. (2:42) What valuation tools are available to help lenders be more effective when it comes to collateral valuation from application to closing?
  3. (4:21) What’s one thing you think lenders should know about appraisal?

What is Coffee with Cadence?

In this on-demand educational video series, Mortgage Cadence discusses prominent issues and trending market topics that are impacting lenders. Viewers gain actionable insights from each episode to address the subsequent business challenges facing lenders today.

In the spirit of collaboration, we feature guests from our integration partners to get a well-rounded perspective from experts across various verticals in the mortgage industry.

On-the-go or at your desk, join us for coffee with industry leaders as we dive into navigating today's complex lending environment.

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