Extend the Mortgage Cadence platform’s capabilities by connecting to the latest innovations in lending technology with APIs and SDK.

Brilliant Innovations with APIs

Authorization & System Functions

• Retrieve Borrower Information • Send Account Information
• Access / Check System Heartbeat
• Retrieve Client / Branch Lookup
• Retrieve Field Lookup Values
• Retrieve Data Dictionary Information

Document Attachments

• Send / upload attachments
• Retrieve list of attachments

Product & Pricing

• Retrieve all active products
• Retrieve client information
• Retrieve eligible products
• Retrieve pricing information
• Retrieve lock action information
• Rate lock

Loan Information

• Send & receive loan data
• Monitor loan status
• Retrieve loan conditions


Create systems & develop applications with the #1 documented SDK in the industry. Enterprise-wide interoperability. Immediate access to custom modules. Functionality extension.

  • Code templates
  • System architecture documents
  • “How to” guides for custom screens, fields, modules and rules engine
  • Interface framework
  • Import / export functions
  • API documentation
  • Web services packages in advance of their effective date, allowing for ample testing and training.
  • Extensibility achieved throughout the system​
  • Maintain backward compatibility of API from release to release ​
  • All modules are pluggable ​
  • Customizations can reside in separate development area ​
  • New installs will not override as long as rules are followed ​
  • No source code is needed for development or debugging

Get Started Today

Inquire about getting your API key and pricing by contacting your Client Success Executive. For code examples, help and support, please log in to sdk.mortgagecadence.com

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