One mortgage technology solution for every mortgage lending need. Sweet.

The Full Lineup.  That is the Mortgage Cadence value proposition in one headline.

We’ve known since the beginning of Internet lending that one, complete, truly comprehensive system is the fastest path, and truthfully the only path, to lending team efficiency and borrower delight. 

We know this because our customers are some of the highest performing lenders in the industry, a hard-fact brightly illustrated by our long-running Client Benchmarking Study, now entering its eighth year. 

Our comprehensive, end-to-end loan origination system is truly comprehensive because everything a lender needs, from a modern and intuitive borrower portal through post-closing and delivery, including documents, services and imaging, exists natively in our platform. 

Then we go further. 

The Mortgage Cadence Platform also boasts a robust API surface.  Lenders that choose to augment our capabilities with other technologies can do so, all within our system. We’re complete yet extensible.

The Mortgage Cadence Platform benefits lenders in many ways… 

Chief among them is its single system of record approach to streamlining loan data.  While that term may be stodgy, and a bit old-fashioned, the relevancy of a single system of record has never been more important to lenders today for three reasons:  data integrity, data transparency and data security.

Lending teams do not have time to ponder over which system holds the most recent loan data.  Pondering and going off-platform to search kills productivity. 

And having to worry about data integrity introduces significant risk… compliance being the most obvious.  As lenders and borrowers get closer to the closing table, confidence in data quality becomes increasingly important.  That importance continues after loan closing.  Investors are counting on you, just as your borrowers are.  If that’s not enough, regulators are grading you on data quality. 

Borrowers today are demanding a clear view of their mortgage transaction and its progress though the origination cycle.  Real-time data transparency, only possible with a single system of record, is what helps to manage the borrower expectations that everything is on track to close on time. 

It also helps your team lend far more efficiently as everything they need to move the loan down the line is right where it should be. 

Rounding out the three is data security.  Cybercrime is present and growing in the mortgage industry.  Spreading data over multiple systems exponentially increases risk as every system has the potential for harboring multiple vulnerabilities.  A single system of record delivered through the industry-leading public cloud greatly increases data security… very important point of distinction that every lender needs to understand. 

“The single system approach is exactly what the industry needs today. Mortgage Cadence is in a rare position to capitalize on this strength.”

~ Judges feedback from our demo at this years (2019) Digital Mortgage Conference.  

The Full Line Up. 

The Mortgage Cadence Platform is the loan origination system that delivers exceptional results for your team and will delight your borrowers.

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