4 Ways to Improve Your Lending Team’s Productivity

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Team Productivity
More than 50% of your Cost-to-Close is labor, so monitoring this metric helps management focus their attention on those activities that are affecting production and dragging down profitability.

While many lenders think they’re doing just fine with productivity, and processing loans with ‘good enough’ speed and efficiency, the numbers tell quite a different story completely… through the lens of data, most shops are falling flat.

Today we’re going to share the insights we’ve gained from our 6-year benchmarking study, including what the high-performing lenders are doing differently and how we can learn from them to solve common issues throughout the lending process.

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Pamela Herrmann

Pamela Herrmann

Pamela Herrmann, VP Marketing for Mortgage Cadence is a best selling author and national speaker on the subject of customer loyalty. She's the mother of two and an unabashed carb loader.

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