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Enterprise Lending Center users now have streamlined access to instantaneous asset-verification, eliminating lending bottlenecks and manual processes

DENVER; April 5, 2018 – Mortgage Cadence, an Accenture (NYSE: ACN) company, has integrated FormFree®’s AccountChek® automated asset-verification service into its Enterprise Lending Center (ELC) platform, expanding the loan origination platform’s growing list of best-in-class third-party services that streamline every aspect of the mortgage process.

“We constantly evaluate the best service and data providers to include in our Services Center offering, and we are proud to add FormFree’s AccountChek to our arsenal,” said Brian Benson, executive manager of Mortgage Cadence’s Services Center. “As a Fannie Mae Day 1 Certainty designated vendor for asset verification, AccountChek enables greater speed and simplicity for both lenders and borrowers.”

In a recent Accenture Research survey, a majority of borrowers said they were willing to provide their lenders with the credentials necessary to digitally verify asset information in exchange for an easier, faster and more secure loan qualification process. AccountChek’s asset verification process, which can be completed in minutes from any web-enabled device, directly addresses this growing consumer demand for greater convenience in the mortgage transaction.

In addition to reducing burden on the borrower, AccountChek also minimizes the risk of human error that occurs when information from paper statements is manually keyed into software. Once users complete the asset-verification process through the integrated service, the AccountChek Asset Reports are securely stored in Mortgage Cadence’s ELC.

FormFree is a Day 1 Certainty vendor, which means that information gathered through AccountChek can be uploaded electronically to Fannie Mae without the need for supporting documentation. Assets validated through AccountChek using the Desktop Underwriter® Validation Service are eligible for rep and warrant relief from Fannie Mae, reducing the risk of repurchase.

The new functionality is available now to ELC users, enabling the “click here, close now” type of lending that today’s borrowers expect.

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About FormFree®
FormFree is a fintech company whose market-leading AccountChek® Asset Reports are used by lenders nationwide to verify borrower assets, employment and income in minutes. To date, more than 1,000 U.S. lenders have ordered over 1.25 million AccountChek Asset Reports, delighting their customers with a paperless experience and reducing origination timelines by up to 20 days. FormFree offers automated analysis and standardized delivery to lenders and their investors using a secure ReIssueKey™. A HousingWire TECH100™ company for four consecutive years, FormFree is based in Athens, Georgia. For more information, visit or follow FormFree on LinkedIn.

About Mortgage Cadence
Since 1999, Mortgage Cadence, champions of the lending process, have been providing the best people, process and technology for enterprise and mid-market lenders who desire to deliver an exceptional borrower experience. From point-of-sale through post-closing Mortgage Cadence offers reliable software and dedicated people, supporting lenders every step of the way. Visit for more information.

DENVER; April 20, 2017 – Mortgage Cadence, an Accenture (NYSE: ACN) company, has reached an agreement to license FirstClose’s proprietary integration hub software platform, which provides loan services throughout the mortgage-origination process. The agreement will enable third-party service providers to integrate their services into Mortgage Cadence’s existing end-to-end loan origination product suite more quickly, providing lenders with additional one-stop loan origination capabilities.

After an extensive evaluation of third-party integration platforms, Mortgage Cadence determined FirstClose’s user-friendly vendor management system to be the most modern and robust on the market, complementing its own product suite. Mortgage Cadence will include FirstClose’s technology in the first phase of its new third-party integration architecture, known as Services Center 2.0, in which vendors will be able to integrate their services into the Mortgage Cadence product suite quickly and easily.

With FirstClose’s existing portfolio of services, Mortgage Cadence will immediately expand the scope of services it provides to include those related to:

“By empowering vendor partners to integrate their solution into our product suite, we’re giving our clients access to a wider variety of services to meet their needs, including new categories like borrower asset verification and document aggregation,” said Trevor Gauthier, Mortgage Cadence’s president and chief operating officer. “The development of Services Center 2.0 is just one step in our continued efforts to fuel lender success by meeting the ever-changing needs of the marketplace.”

Mike Detwiler, Mortgage Cadence’s chief executive officer and a senior managing director at Accenture, said, “The addition of FirstClose’s technology is consistent with our broader strategy of augmenting development capabilities through strategic technology tuck-ins and will enhance our ability to serve our mortgage lending customers with the industry’s leading loan-origination platform.”

About Mortgage Cadence
Mortgage Cadence, an Accenture company, has been working with lenders since 1999, offering a one-stop-shop mortgage technology solution designed for point-of-sale through post-closing. In a time when efficiency, speed and the customer experience are paramount to the success of lenders, Mortgage Cadence offers reliable software and dedicated people, supporting lenders every step of the way. Visit for more information.

RADNOR, PENNSYLVANIA – February 7, 2017 – Essent Guaranty, Inc., a nationwide provider of mortgage insurance (MI) and Mortgage Cadence LLC, an Accenture Company, announced today that ordering Essent MI services through the Mortgage Cadence Enterprise Lending Center (ELC) loan origination solution (LOS), is now even easier for underwriters. The Essent MI integration, already available to lenders through Mortgage Cadence’s LOS, now provides even greater efficiency.

“With the enhanced Essent MI integration within Mortgage Cadence’s ELC, lenders can access a greater array of MI products, premium payment types and coverage choices, and thus gives them many options to offer borrowers,” said Bill Kaiser, Essent Guaranty’s chief operations officer. “Essent believes that clients will be elated to take advantage of the process automation afforded by this sophisticated integration that will save time and minimize human error.”

The core features that Mortgage Cadence’s Enterprise Lending Center offers lenders helps them to reduce cycle time and cost, while giving them the tools to maintain compliance. The Essent Guaranty MI integration complements these core features by letting lenders provide detailed MI quotes to borrowers at time of origination and, further, affords lenders a rich variety of MI options, while never leaving ELC.

“Mortgage Cadence is continuously working on third-party integration options to best serve our clients’ long-term needs. This integration with Essent is just one great example of our commitment to help our customers enhance efficiency and reduce risk through full featured integrations. We look forward to broad use of the Mortgage Cadence Essent integration,” said Mortgage Cadence’s EVP of Product Management, Paul Wetzel.

About Essent: 
Essent Group Ltd. (NYSE: ESNT) is a Bermuda-based holding company (collectively with its subsidiaries, “Essent”) which, through its wholly-owned subsidiary Essent Guaranty, Inc., offers private mortgage insurance for single-family mortgage loans in the United States. Essent provides private capital to mitigate mortgage credit risk, allowing lenders to make additional mortgage financing available to prospective homeowners. Headquartered in Radnor, Pennsylvania, Essent Guaranty, Inc. is licensed to write mortgage insurance in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, and is approved by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Essent also offers mortgage-related insurance, reinsurance and advisory services through its Bermuda-based subsidiary, Essent Reinsurance Ltd. Additional information regarding Essent may be found at and

Source: Essent Group Ltd.

DENVER, CO; Nov. 3, 2016 – Mortgage Cadence, an Accenture Company (NYSE: ACN), announces an important enhancement to its Partner Ecosystem designed to bring industry-leading mortgage technology together with top-tier third-party service providers and consulting firms.

Businesses that are part of the Partner Ecosystem provide services that complement the implementation process, assist with go-live schedules, and ensure customers take full advantage of Mortgage Cadence’s suite of offerings. PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) joined the Ecosystem in September, offering Mortgage Cadence clients requirements gathering and other implementation-related services. The network of businesses that constitute the Partner Ecosystem helps to elevate the Mortgage Cadence software offering and implementation capabilities to levels that seek to surpass client expectations.

The Partner Ecosystem brings together recognized leaders in their field who have undergone rigorous vetting as well as yearly training and certification for cohesive alignment with client goals. Mortgage Cadence’s relationship with PwC gives Enterprise Lending Center clients a head-start on platform implementation by proactively gathering and understanding the client’s operational processes and requirements.

Following the PwC launch, Mortgage Cadence will expand the Partner Ecosystem to provide additional services including, but not limited to:

• Custom configuration
• Custom development through our Software Development Kit (SDK)
• Post-production support/enhancements
• Creation and execution of testing plans and methodologies
• Training document execution and creation

“We are pleased to announce this expansion of our Partner Ecosystem,” said Trevor Gauthier, president of Mortgage Cadence. “Implementing our technology with the additional support and guidance of partners like PwC offers our clients a competitive leap forward to more quickly realize gains in efficiency, ultimately helping to exceed borrower expectations. This program is a giant step forward as we look to continue to provide world-class technology and support to our clients while providing them with multiple high-caliber options to help them best achieve their goals."

About Mortgage Cadence
Mortgage Cadence has been working with lenders since 1999, offering the industry’s only true one-stop-shop mortgage technology solutions designed for point-of-sale through post-closing. In a time when efficiency, speed and the customer experience are paramount to the success of lenders, Mortgage Cadence offers reliable software and dedicated people, supporting lenders every step of the way. Visit for more information.

Integration Accelerates Mortgage Closing Process with Leading eSignature and Digital Mortgage Platforms

DENVER; May 24, 2016 – Mortgage Cadence LLC, an Accenture Company (NYSE: ACN), is announcing an all new integration with award-winning electronic signature and Digital Transaction Management (DTM) provider DocuSign, Inc. (DocuSign®), and the vaulting, transaction and transferable records services of eOriginal, Inc. This new integration helps to expedite the mortgage origination process while creating a more streamlined, reliable and secure digital experience for borrowers, lenders and investors.

With Mortgage Cadence’s proprietary Document Center solution, documents are generated dynamically in just seconds based on loan-level data and are then delivered for electronic signature using DocuSign. Lenders and borrowers alike are now able to securely review and electronically sign disclosures and closing packages in minutes – anytime, anywhere, on nearly any device.

“DocuSign and Mortgage Cadence share a vision for a digital future where the hassles, costs and lack of security from the reams of paperwork required to apply for, process and close a mortgage are a thing of the distant past,” said Georg Gerstenfeld, Vice President of Real Estate Solutions at DocuSign. “The integration of DocuSign and eOriginal into Mortgage Cadence’s Document Center advance us towards that digital future today by empowering anyone to transact business all-digitally.”

eOriginal extends the Mortgage Cadence loan experience by allowing lenders to deliver a fully electronic mortgage process built around its best-of-breed solution, which was recently certified as a Fannie Mae eMortgage solution provider.

“With a new generation of homebuyers and increasing demands for transparency from regulators and investors, we have reached a tipping point in the digital transformation of the mortgage industry,” stated Stephen Bisbee, CEO and president of eOriginal. “Working with great partners like Mortgage Cadence and DocuSign, we have paved the way for an outstanding end-to-end solution that offers a practical migration path for adopters while addressing an acute need for data exchanged between counterparties.”

All signed documents are tracked, retrieved, and stored in the Mortgage Cadence Enterprise Lending Center or Loan Fulfillment Center, ultimately driving additional tasks and keeping the lender on-platform and focused on the lending process. DocuSign and eOriginal will help enable the following benefits:

“Most borrowers today – whether millennials or baby boomers – are accustomed to doing just about everything online,” said Trevor Gauthier, president of Mortgage Cadence. “In order to increase borrower satisfaction, lenders require tools that allow them to originate and close mortgages digitally. Integrating with DocuSign’s and eOriginal’s best-in-class eSignature and eClosing solutions, along with our proprietary loan origination and document preparation and delivery solutions, allows us to provide an incredibly robust service to our clients and their borrowers – a testament to our dedication to the mortgage industry.”

About Mortgage Cadence
Mortgage Cadence has been partnering with lenders since 1999, offering the industry’s only true one-stop-shop mortgage technology solutions designed for point-of-sale through post-closing. In a time when efficiency, speed and the customer experience are paramount to the success of lenders, Mortgage Cadence offers the most reliable software and dedicated people, supporting lenders every step of the way. Visit for more information.

About DocuSign, Inc.
DocuSign® is changing how business gets done by empowering anyone to send, sign and manage documents anytime, anywhere, on any device with trust and confidence. DocuSign and Go to keep life and business moving forward. For more information, visit, call +1-877-720-2040, or follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

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About eOriginal
eOriginal offers an end-to-end digital mortgage solution — from signature to notarization and recording through warehousing and custodial services — that addresses the gaps that have long hampered broader adoption of digital mortgage platforms. eOriginal is spearheading the collaboration to deliver a fully digital process that includes eNotarization, eRecording, eWarehousing, eCustodian services and integration with Mortgage Industry Standards Maintenance Organization (MISMO) compliant SmartDocs and Forms. Well-designed for disruptive lending markets, eOriginal already is delivering its lending and asset management platform to the student loan, vacation ownership and vehicle finance industries, among others.

Integrated with eOriginal’s eAsset Management Platform and the newly released DatalyticsTM solution, the eMortgage platform will empower greater data transparency, better analysis and regulatory compliance capabilities throughout the mortgage loan process. For more information, visit