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By: HousingWire, "2016 Rising Stars - 50 Young Leaders Energizing the Housing Economy"

Jake Petersen began his career with Mortgage Cadence nearly six years ago as the director of business operations. Since then, he has steadily grown into his current role as chief service officer and his clear leadership abilities have allowed him to successfully partner with Mortgage Cadence customers and employees for their short- and long-term success. Petersen led the charge to reduce the average day’s tickets in queue with product support by 93%, due in part to his decision to roll out a new ticketing system spanning all Mortgage Cadence customers and products. All of these accomplishments were completed at a time when staff was increasing by 100% due to massive internal growth.

By: Jake Petersen, "Industrialization of growing organizations," for CUInsight

Growth within any organization can be a benefit and a curse. As a company grows, it faces the challenge of on-boarding new employees while rising to the increased demands of a growing customer base. In any complex company, it is difficult to replicate the knowledge of your existing subject matter experts. Accenture Mortgage Cadence was founded on the principles of the manufacturing industry’s processes. Our product suite was architected to allow process automation, capitalizing on a division of labor to decrease not only cost, but the number of days to close a loan. Through our tremendous growth over the past several years, we are honing in on ways to increase scalability of internal resources. Read on to learn how you, too, can leverage this concept within your day-to-day processes.

There are many approaches to determine how to divide your labor force. One of the most efficient and effective ways to support organizational growth is to create a division of labor so new employees do not have to immediately become subject matter experts across all functional areas. At Accenture Mortgage Cadence, we utilize employee input, data, and logical functional areas to determine specializations. Our support/solutions team has been divided into functional areas in order to enhance our ability to work more closely with other internal teams to determine root cause of issues, provide more direct and informed feedback to functional areas, and to drive long-term change.