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Dan Green

Day 2 Solutions

Every lender should work to get every bit of power out of the technology tools in which they invest. In our study of the best performers in the industry, we found that the nation’s top lenders respond to this question in three primary ways.

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borrower share

High Performance Lending From 5 KPIs

The need to be competitive in the mortgage lending business has never been greater. Fortunately, depository lenders have an advantage in this area as their existing customer base is a ready-made prospect database for mortgage lending, if they can tap it. High performance lending and greater profitability comes can be tracked to 5 KPIs.

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5 KPIs for Mortgage Lending

In every business there are key performance indicators (KPIs) that matter. These are the ones that guide decisions and help measure success. Without them a

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Borrower Experience

Ten Thousand Hours – The Mortgage Process

“The population interested in housing continues to grow, showing that the American Dream of owning a home remains as strong as ever. So why does housing, and the mortgage business, continue to disappoint?”

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