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Congratulations to Damir Matic and Eric Peterson, whose innovative and groundbreaking work has been recognized in the form of a United States patent.

The patent, titled “Selectively Migrating Data Between Databases based on Dependencies of Database Entities,” protects the intellectual property surrounding the use of a test database system in parallel with a production database system before the new configurations reach the production stage.

The implementation of this concept has delivered unparalleled value to Mortgage Cadence clients. It has allowed administrators to properly test and debug software within the test database system before migrating the new configuration from the test database to the production database.  Ultimately, this provides a seamless and thorough implementation process.

We look forward to the continued growth and outstanding value that this concept will bring to Mortgage Cadence and our clients.

By: HousingWire, "2016 Vanguard Award Winners - 40 Industry Leading Executives"

Damir Matic’s extensive experience has shaped the engineering and architecture teams at Mortgage Cadence. His intimate understanding of the role that product architecture plays in the overall success of the business ultimately enables the company’s clients to pursue new opportunities and achieve unique profit gains.

Just one of Matic’s accomplishments this past year helped industrialize Mortgage Cadence’s product release process, ultimately benefiting ongoing software quality. This accomplishment, also known as agile train, decouples release methodology from development methodology, so that features are developed in separate branches and not slotted for release until they have been completed.