Executive Perspective

Your investments in technology should be driven by your strategic
goals. We’ll show you how to grow market share, increase volume
and drive higher profits.

What's Working Now

Digital is dramatically changing the way you lend. Your job is to ensure high productivity from your lending team so that loans close faster, to be laser-focused on gaining market share, and to ensure that applications taken get closed efficiently. And doing all of this profitably.

Most lenders take a fragmented approach to their technology investments because, let’s face it, there are a lot of products being marketed to you that claim to help you close more loans faster. Lenders spend millions on purchasing technology solutions that separately cover only a fraction of the application process, cobble it all together and end up managing how all the technology talks to each other.

This approach is difficult to configure and requires specialized expertise. Plus, it’s based on a decentralized architecture that makes it challenging to apply consistent rules, metrics and reporting.

This piecemeal approach yields predictably poor results.

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At Mortgage Cadence, we offer a fundamentally different approach to lending.

Our transaction-based loan origination solution combines a powerful, cloud-based platform with deep security and compliance expertise and proven best of breed solutions for end-to-end lending.

Know How to Shop For Technology

The most important thing for Executives to know through this decision making process, is that there is no apple-to-apples comparison of LOS platforms. We'll educate you so that you can make the best decision that supports your strategic goals.

Know the Numbers of Your Business

Every decision is made much easier when you have a grasp of the KPI's of profitable lending. We're happy to provide you with the metrics for your specific shop, and those of your peers so that you can begin to see where to improve your performance.

We’ve been serving the lending industry for 20 years, so we know a thing or two about profitable lending.

Fact is, more than 700 lenders trust our simpler and more scalable approach to compliant lending — including three of the top four banks in the Fortune 100. We’ve run nearly 17 million loan applications on the Mortgage Cadence platform.

That’s why you can count on us to make your lending process successful— so your business can go further faster without compromising compliance.

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