Seth Hooper

As EVP of Product Management, Seth Hooper oversees the Mortgage Cadence product suite, guiding product strategy and development to ensure Mortgage Cadence leads the way in innovative loan origination technology.

Seth joined Mortgage Cadence in 2010 to build the document center offering, then moved into the product management group in 2012, first as the Reverse Mortgage Product Manager and then quickly adding the role of Compliance Product Manager. Prior to joining Mortgage Cadence, Seth worked at CoreLogic and First American in their mortgage service divisions.

As an 18-year veteran of the mortgage industry, Seth has experienced the residential mortgage origination process from a variety of vendor perspectives, and with lenders of all types and sizes.  In his career, Seth has witnessed and worked through HELOCs, Construction, Reverse Mortgages, sub-prime lending, the 2008 housing crisis and loan modification, housing market recovery, TRID/KBYO and the rise of the digital mortgage. 

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