The Real Reason the Mortgage Industry Needs AI

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In this article, originally published on, Jim Rosen, VP of Product Management at Mortgage Cadence, discusses why AI is critically important to the mortgage business.

Originally published on

As a society, we are quick to fall in love with the latest buzzwords. Once we find one, we tend to use it early and often to describe everything our companies are doing, often without a strong concept of practical application.

There’s a bucket of buzzwords being tossed around today in the mortgage technology space. There’s hardly a press releases that doesn’t include the terms “AI,” “machine learning” or “robotic process automation.” No one wants to be left out of the race to the tools that will get the mortgage industry to the next level.

But what does AI really mean in the mortgage business? Is it just some fancy branding to be applied to yesterday’s automation? Actually, it’s not. It’s critically important and here’s why.

Read the full article here.

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