Mortgage Cadence Platform | Borrower Experience

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Lenders' productivity, velocity, and cost-to-close can be improved through MCP's consumer self-service capabilities.

During the application and post-application stages of the lending life cycle, consumer self-service capabilities can improve the borrower experience leading to lending efficiencies for your business. Watch the video on how the Mortgage Cadence Platform (MCP) allows borrowers to take the driver’s seat during their loan shopping experience.

Lenders’ productivity, velocity, and cost-to-close can be improved through MCP’s consumer self-service capabilities by:

  • Reducing the borrower’s application time from an average of 30 to <10 minutes, so borrowers stay happy
  • Helping the borrower complete conditions faster through the simplified Borrower’s Loan Dashboard, so they never have to wonder about the status of their loan
  • Centralizing direct communication through the platform’s live chat and secure messaging feature between the borrower, lending staff, realtor, settlement agent and closing attorney, so that everyone stays in the loop

Mortgage Cadence

Mortgage Cadence

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