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Collaboration Center

It's time for a new way to collaborate.

The way mortgage industry professionals work together is no longer acceptable. Email and portals require employees to work from an inbox and browser instead of their production system. This wastes time, causes delay, and exposes both consumers and businesses to cybercrime. 

It is time for us all to make a change.

Getting started

Collaboration. Reimagined.

For many years, our teams have worked as partners to close loans. Email and other tools we have all used are cumbersome and out of date. It’s time to modernize the way we work together. We’re changing three functional areas: the way we deliver orders to you, the way our people communicate with you, and the way we exchange documents.  

All three of these functions will now be done through a shared industry platform called Collaboration Center by Mortgage Cadence. Moving these critical business functions from email and portals to a shared platform is more efficient, secure, and will help both your people and our people to be more productive. We get to continue as partners and help one another use more efficient tools. A win-win for everyone.

Collaboration Center Mortgage Cadence
Increase productivity
Work in the transaction, not in the inbox. Employees get more work done when they process from within the transaction. Efficiency increases when messages and documents are automatically organized and shared among teammates.
Digital safety
Collaborate without compromising privacy and security. Your transactions in Collaboration Center are email free. Now more than ever, you need to know that virtual conversations and document exchanges are private and secure.
Grow your business
Send orders, receive orders, and collaborate on one platform. Join with the other companies that are breaking free from the inbox and portals to provide the best digital experience for their customers.

Efficient communication.
Integrated document delivery and exchange.
Seamless services orders.

One fully connected ecosystem

Collaboration Center is the unified platform that powers true mortgage industry collaboration.
Integrated communications—message and chat in real time
Exchange documents & data files
Receive notifications
Order services & products
Connected system of record

Getting Started

Your first step? Register in Collaboration Center. Don’t yet have an invitation code? Reach out to your lender contact.

Your company can only access the Collaboration Center platform if you are invited by another company that is on the platform. When your company is invited, you will be provided with an invitation code via email. After you have received your invitation code, it is a simple three step process:

  1. Register

    Complete your company registration
    You will be asked some questions to verify the business identity and you will need the Business Tax-ID. Need help joining or setting up an account? Please reference the links to our support documents below.

    I have an invitation code

    How to join Collaboration Center      How to set up an account

  2. Add users

    Sign in and manage users
    Need help adding, editing, or deactivating a user? Check out the link below to reference a step-by-step support document.

    How to sign in      How to manage users

  3. Collaborate

    Start collaborating!
    After you’re logged into Collaboration Center, check out the Resource Center where there are videos, articles, and other support and training materials.

    Need additional help?

    Contact Support