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May 2, 2018

How to Market to Digitally Native Homebuyers

Ask her about how to create authentic content. It’s her secret talent.

Want to learn tangible tips on how to market to new homebuyers of all ages? We hear you. Claire Hamilton, Content Marketing Manager for Mortgage Cadence teaches you how to win over today’s digitally native homebuyers to grow your business and achieve industry longevity.

Hint: It’s all about highly-targeted and personalized messaging.

Claire Hamilton is a Content Marketing Manager at Mortgage Cadence in Denver, Colorado. By day, you can find her writing articles, editing email campaigns, and curating website content. By night, you’ll find her busy playing Settlers of Catan and taking excessive Snapchat photos of her canine son, Alpine. She is a proud alum of Denison University, where she received a degree in English, Spanish, and communication.