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The borrower's journey and expectations have changed

McKinsey research has shown what every lender knows: “borrower expectations for digital engagement have risen dramatically over the past 18 months." Lenders must achieve higher levels of borrower satisfaction, true, but it’s also true that they must provide a better experience for their back-office personnel if they hope to retain them.
Purchase money borrowers can have six or more typical journeys.
of both purchase and refinance borrowers would be open to completing their entire mortgage application online.
Customer satisfaction drops by roughly 15 percentage points if the lender takes more than 10 days to provide a decision on the application.

A new approach to mortgage lender services

API-First Architecture
Our open architecture allows for a robust API layer that makes it possible for any vendor to connect.
Technology & Vendor Agnostic
Connect to any vendor that best serves your needs and integrate with the tech stack that supports your business.
Easily Configurable UI
Our dynamic user interface (UI) allows you to customize the screen flow to suit the roles and users in your organization.
Day-One Transactions
Create a new process, make the connections with the LOS and vendors of your choice, and test it, within one business day.
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