Cate Dalton

Cate Dalton leads strategic direction to ensure customers achieve measurable business value and quality service from Mortgage Cadence. An engaging speaker, Cate is passionate about using Mortgage Cadence products and services to align business and technology strategies that result in the best customer and consumer value possible.

Cate brings 25 years of relationship management and technology strategy activities to the financial services industry. Before joining Mortgage Cadence in 2014, Cate spent three years with a Microsoft technology consulting practice in a business relationship manager role. Prior to that, Cate spent 18 years with Stewart Title acting in a number of roles including business relationship management, technology information officer, and sales management for mortgage services and title insurance technology solutions.

Cate’s leadership is rooted in her passion for emotional intelligence and her own personal development.  On her own time, she is committed to training and developing high EQ leaders through emotional intelligence assessments and development programs. 

Cate is a Six Seconds certified EQ Assessor and EQ consultant.

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