Markus D. Olesen

As EVP of Operations, Markus is responsible for the planning, direction & coordination of all company-wide operations which includes formulating policies and strategic plans for future growth, overseeing internal improvement programs, and managing the daily operations of personnel, processes and facilities.

Since joining Mortgage Cadence in 2015, Markus has served as the SVP of Software Delivery where he led Implementation improvements to refine and streamline our practice and processes across the 40+ person Professional Services department.

Markus started with Accenture in 2000 where his experiences have included the development of strategic initiatives and hands-on multi-site delivery management with Fortune 100 clients across the Americas, Europe, and Asia.

Markus received a Bachelor’s degree in the Management of Information Systems from the University of Arizona and a Certified PMI Program Management Professional. He is Accenture certified in estimates generation, requirements validation, identification of project standards, issue and risk mitigation strategies, creation and usage of efficiency metrics to track progress and daily management of teams to deliver the projects on-time and budget.

Markus has mentored teams and employees on project management practices through instructional classroom training and as a formal ‘career counselor’ to new managers at Accenture/ Mortgage Cadence. In addition, he has provided operational support to the Accenture Chicago location by assisting location manager in managing budget and personnel.

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