Looking to the Future

By: Tomorrow's Mortgage Executive, featuring an interview with Sarah Volling of Mortgage Cadence

Last year PROGRESS in Lending Association named Mortgage Cadence a top innovation. The Mortgage Cadence Configuration Migration Utility (CMU) is an advanced configuration promotion tool only available through the Enterprise Lending Center. This new, patent-pending utility enables the easy migration of ACE Actions, business rules, and formulas from one environment to the next – whether development, staging, or production. The utility also dynamically discovers differences between environments, then surgically migrates the specific configuration changes to the desired environment. With the need to fluidly adapt to constant regulatory and investor requirements, the CMU allows lenders to effectively manage complex configurations efficiently and reliably. We followed up with Sarah Volling, the Marketing Lead at Mortgage Cadence, to talk about her background and what’s new at Mortgage Cadence. Here’s what she said: