Develop Your Compliance "Super Powers"

By: John Levonick for Today's Lending Insights

I recently attended a dinner party where the conversation turned to super powers, as in, ‘what super power do you wish you had?’ One guest self-consciously proclaimed hers would be seeing clearly through fathoms of water. She apologized because she thought it particularly nerdy, to which another guest came to her rescue by observing that all super powers are inherently geeky.

This was an important observation. While a few superheroes have enviable super powers – like flying, leaping from building to building in a single bound, telekinesis – most of the rest have super powers that are helpful, if somewhat eccentric. My own particular super power – perhaps the geekiest of all — is regulatory compliance. It is something I enjoy and, modestly, I am pretty adept at it. This did not do me much good in high school but it is coming in handy nowadays.