Mortgage Rates: Time to Panic?

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"We should start educating the public, especially first-time homebuyers on affordability."

By: Dan Green, “Mortgage Rates: Time to Panic?,” for Tomorrow’s Mortgage Executive

Let’s admit it. Mortgage rates in the three and low four percent range were very cool to experience, and not just for mortgage nerds and econ geeks. Yes, this period of uber-low rates pulled the US housing market out of a deep, dark recession. At the same time, these rates changed the nature of housing: Owners with low interest rate mortgages are loath to give them up since they can’t be replaced, so they will likely stay in their homes much longer than they used to. Low rates were good. Now they are gone, and everyone is worried. Is it time to panic?

Dan Green

Dan Green

As EVP Marketing for Mortgage Cadence, Dan brings over 30 years of mortgage lending and technology expertise. He is the author of our 6-year Annual Benchmarking Study, enjoys weekends flying his plane, chasing his grandson and eating cheese curds on the porch of his Madison, WI home.

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