Going Beyond the Portal: Why the mortgage industry is going to a secure environment to conduct home finance business

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Collaboration Center finally makes the end-to-end digital mortgage possible and affordable.

There are many parties involved in the manufacturing of a mortgage loan, and more still after the loan is closed, who work to sell it into the secondary market and then service it. After decades of collaborating in this business, there still exists no good way for the parties to connect seamlessly and safely. As the industry strives to move closer to the digital mortgage, finding a way to collaborate effectively will become essential.

In fact, it is our contention that should the industry fail to establish a single secure environment through which to complete the work of home finance, lenders will never overcome the obstacles that stand between them and competing effectively with the next generation of mortgage providers.

Read the full Collaboration Center whitepaper here to learn how Mortgage Cadence is solving the mortgage industry’s most pressing problem.

Mortgage Cadence

Mortgage Cadence

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