Here’s What the Future of Mortgage Technology Innovation Will Look Like

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"You need an open platform with a modern interface. Ease of use is critical. The innovative technology firms will be adding quality development staff. The innovative system of the future will be scalable, compliant and include all of the fun stuff, too.”

By: Progress in Lending, “Here’s What the Future of Mortgage Technology Innovation Will Look Like,” featuring guest panelist Paul Wetzel of Mortgage Cadence

For the sixth consecutive year, PROGRESS in Lending Association hosted its groundbreaking ENGAGE Event. The event is designed to engage the mortgage industry to discuss and find solutions to so many pressing industry issues. This was a frank and thorough exchange of ideas and tips about how to solve the problems that face the mortgage industry. Yesterday we reported on what the speakers said about the future of mortgage regulatory compliance.

Mortgage Cadence

Mortgage Cadence

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