Members Mortgage Services

Client Profile

Members Mortgage Services is owned and operated by a group of credit unions dedicated to creating a best-in-class home loan experience for their members. As cooperatives they have chosen to partner with one another, creating a company focused on ensuring all credit unions provide a quality credit union mortgage option for their members, from origination through loan servicing.

Business Challenge

Members Mortgage Services serves credit union lenders of all sizes throughout the Midwest. Serving its customers effectively is largely dependent on utilizing the right technology. The system it chose upon which to execute its business plan had to be easily and cost-effectively extensible to customers and borrowers, while enabling cost efficient processes that ensured operating profitability. The Mortgage Cadence technologies were purpose-built with credit union service organizations (CUSOs) in mind.

How Mortgage Cadence Helped

Members Mortgage Services uses the Mortgage Cadence Borrower, Loan Fulfillment and Document Centers which support its entire credit union network lending operation. This solution suite provides a flexible and efficient system, capable of handling the mortgage lending requirements of credit unions, CUSOs, and community banks from application to closing and delivery, including secondary marketing.

Mortgage Cadence also provides Members Mortgage Services with imaging capabilities through its Imaging Center. The Imaging Center provides advanced functionality that captures, stores, identifies and manages all mortgage lending paperwork, enabling fully electronic lending from application to closing. This imaging solution has a vast selection of learned mortgage documents, which are updated regularly based on changing industry standards, making it a powerful and indispensable tool in every efficient loan origination process.

High Performance Delivered

Mortgage Cadence’s SaaS-based delivery offers a fully redundant, highly reliable platform providing Members Mortgage Services with the stability and consistency they require while keeping their operations efficient and cost-effective. The platform enables them to extend the technology to their customers, helping them focus on member relationships with confidence. The system’s straightforward, proven track record empowers Members Mortgage Services and its credit union customers – delivering a truly high performance lending experience.

“Members Mortgage Services is a long-time client of Mortgage Cadence for good reason. The guidance we receive from their staff combined with the reliability of the platform allows us to give our borrowers the best experience possible. Overall, the close relationship we have with the Mortgage Cadence team has been instrumental in our success as a company.”
Members Mortgage Services