Arch MI Announces Enhanced Integration with Mortgage Cadence Loan Fulfillment Center

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"Users of Mortgage Cadence’s Imaging Center can deliver non-delegated loan documents to Arch MI without using external websites, providing a completely on-platform and simplified user experience."

Enhancement provides easy access to Arch MI RateStar® and non-delegated mortgage insurance orders

GREENSBORO; Aug. 10, 2017 – Arch Mortgage Insurance Company (“Arch MI”), a leading provider of private mortgage insurance and a wholly owned subsidiary of Arch Capital Group Ltd., and Mortgage Cadence, an Accenture Company (NYSE: ACN), have collaborated to create enhanced integration capabilities for Mortgage Cadence’s Loan Fulfillment Center (“LFC”).

With the integration, users of LFC — Mortgage Cadence’s proprietary loan origination system — may now instantly obtain quotes from Arch MI’s RateStar, the dynamic risk-based rates program that ensures competitive pricing and eligibility information are included in each mortgage insurance (MI) quote. The LFC will automatically receive and store the Arch MI Rate Quote Summary document for easy viewing and future reference.

The integration also provides LFC users a new option to order non-delegated MI. In addition, users of Mortgage Cadence’s Imaging Center can deliver non-delegated loan documents to Arch MI without using external websites, providing a completely on-platform and simplified user experience.

“Arch MI is pleased to offer expanded access to our innovative products on Mortgage Cadence’s LFC,” said Chris Hovey, Arch MI’s executive vice president and chief operating officer. “LFC users can now order non-delegated MI and access RateStar pricing without leaving the platform. Our integration enhancement exemplifies our commitment to providing seamless connectivity that improves business efficiencies for processors and underwriters.”

Paul Wetzel, Mortgage Cadence’s executive vice president of product management, said, “Mortgage Cadence is committed to providing a variety of third-party integration options to best serve our clients’ long-term needs. We are pleased to work with Arch MI to further our commitment to continually improving our customers’ access to highly robust vendor products and services.”

Arch Capital Group Ltd.’s U.S. mortgage insurance operation, Arch MI, is a leading provider of private insurance covering mortgage credit risk. Headquartered in Greensboro, North Carolina, with significant operations in Walnut Creek, California, Arch MI’s mission is to protect lenders against credit risk, while extending the possibility of responsible home ownership to qualified borrowers. Arch MI’s flagship mortgage insurer, Arch Mortgage Insurance Company, is licensed to write mortgage insurance in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. For more information, please visit

Mortgage Cadence, a wholly owned subsidiary of Accenture, has been working with lenders since 1999, offering mortgage technology solutions designed for point-of-sale through post-closing. In a time when efficiency, speed and the customer experience are paramount to the success of lenders, Mortgage Cadence offers reliable software and dedicated people, supporting lenders every step of the way. Visit for more information.

Mortgage Cadence

Mortgage Cadence

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